CretoCraft is an exquisite collection of sustainable lighting products. Hand-crafted using a blend of wastepaper pulp and cement, these unique beautiful organic fixtures with an uneven texture bring a sense of purity to any space. With integrated LED technology, they offer both functional work lighting and ambient illumination. Embracing a holistic and eco-conscious approach to design, each piece showcases individuality and craftsmanship.

ASTRO (Terrazzo)

BRIAN (Wicker)

CLOUD (Wicker)

ERIC (Fibre)

ERIC (Oxide)

GARY (Wicker)

HOPE (Wicker)

HOPE (Fibre)

JADE (Wicker)

MIA (Fibre)

OLIVE (Fibre)

SNOW (Fibre)

THEA (Fibre)

UTOPIA (Fibre)

XING (Fibre)

WONDER (Wicker)

YARA (Fibre)

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