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Unveiling RIPPL’s 2024 Winter Edit: Groov

Let’s kick off with a duo of beaming achievements we made last year! RIPPL took home the crown as the emerging brand of 2023, and Groov, our low-glare linear light fixture, clinched the title of in... Read More

Dancing with Light: Commercial Lighting Trends that will Spark Creativity in 2024

The journey of commercial office design has traversed from traditional cubicles to open-plan spaces and now to hybrid work environments. Lighting plays a pivotal role in creating collaborative spac... Read More

From Hybrid Model to the New Normal: A Revolution in Workspace Design and Lighting

On a weekday afternoon, where are we likely to find you? A homely space or office? If your response is ‘office but it’s quite homely there’, then you have already entered the new dawn in the worksp... Read More

Lighting the Path to Mental Wellness

Did you know that poor lighting in a workplace can affect employee’s mental health? Many factors, including mood, sleep habits, emotions, and behavioural patterns, are significantly influenced by l... Read More

Breaking Boundaries: Evolution of Lighting Design in the Workplace

A subtle revolution has been underway in the realm of lighting design giving it more depth and dimension. The focus is shifting towards illuminating the activities within a space, employee’s well-b... Read More

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