With over a decade of experience in lighting up commercial spaces, RIPPL offers an end-to-end solution, in partnership with our global affiliates. Our approach embraces various aspects, including lighting automation, lighting simulation, and the latest lighting technology. RIPPL’s forte is to provide customer-centric solutions and products, using innovative or best-ready solutions available, with cutting-edge designs and materials.

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Combining intelligent design with sustainable lighting technology, RIPPL offers LED solutions that not only elevate the way you perceive your surroundings but also prioritize LED efficiency. Our LEDs incorporate more colours, including an optimal balance of red and blue wavelengths. This provides an overall sense of well-being and enhances the appearance of interiors–making everything look more natural.

All our LEDs are binned to a 3-step McAdam Ellipse tolerance for minimizing the colour differences. Higher specifications are also available as per requirement. We have partnered with the most trusted electronic component suppliers which includes drivers and LED chip manufacturers to provide ever-evolving lighting products that are intelligently controlled to enhance the quality of light in energy-efficient and sustainable ways.

Our products are seamlessly integrated with leading dimming and automation systems, to reduce the time spent on troubleshooting and provide flicker-free, deep dimming capabilities. RIPPL understands the importance of lighting design in creating optimal lighting environments. Our team strives to create commercial lighting solutions that fulfil the specific needs of our customers.

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